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Dive into the adventure of the Enduroman and discover step by step how he managed this extreme training, his team, his motivation.

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In the last 20 years, Cyril has made the most beautiful nature and outdoor events around the globe: Ultra-trails, Ironman, Raids, etc.
In 2016, at the age of 42, he sets off on the most extreme challenge : ENDUROMAN. 

Se quence 1 carte parcours enduroman

- 140 km running (from Marble Arch London to Dover)
- Swim across the English Channel (about 34 km swim)
- 290 km by bike from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

First French to succeed the incredible challenge of the Enduroman : 59 h 56' he beats the old record that was established by the Australian, John Van Wisse in 61 h 52'.
During this trip, Cyril only allowed himself three hours of sleep.

"Cyril owes nothing to chance he is the best of all, he is very strong in his head and above all he has been very humble in his approach" - Edgard Ette, organizer of the event

"Mentally, Cyril is unbelievable, he knew to be steady that he did not experience any empty passage" - Ludovic Chorgnon, Ironman world record holder chained over 41 days

He owes it to his team : 

  • François Duforez, sleep doctor
  • Philippe Leclair, mental trainer of the teams of France
  • Anthony Berthou, micro-nutritionist
  • Patrick Bringer, coach of international triathletes
  • Laurence, his wife, his accomplice every day

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«He helped, like me and others, to change the way people look.»

Phillipe Croizon

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